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Our expert team is comprised of experienced private investigators. This means that when you hire us, you’re tapping into the best resources you can possibly find. Whether you have a local, national or international case, we will help you develop a unique action plan perfectly suited to solve your case.

You could be a wife suspecting your husband of infidelity. You could be a business owner trying to figure out the corrupt practices within your organization.

You could be a millionaire fearing for your safety because of identity theft. Whatever your situation is, you’ll only find peace of mind once you decide to seek the expertise of a private investigator.

Private Investigators Can Be Your Eyes And Ears

A lot of people think that hiring private investigators in Toronto is only for criminal cases. But private investigation actually encompasses a wide range of situations—from infidelity to fraud—and hiring a private investigator in Toronto can be more beneficial than you think it would be.

licensed professional private investigator can be your extra pair of eyes and ears during an investigation. Depending on your need, a private investigator can complete assignments that include extended surveillance, data gathering and deep research to help you reveal information that you need to put facts into your suspicions.

An infidelity private investigator, for instance, could help you find out the truth about your spouse’s affair by watching his actions behind your back.

A video or photo could be provided to you as concrete evidence for your partner’s infidelity, which can be used in court. A Toronto private investigator is highly trained to record surveillance without getting noticed by his subject, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Private investigators can help you feel more secure about your business.

Fraud and identity theft are two of the biggest problems in the world today, especially for businesses. It could be a bogus company that would like to be your business partner or it could be an applicant who wants to work with you to rip you off your money.

Good thing, these risks can be mitigated if you hire a personal private investigator to perform company and background checks on your behalf.

It’s so easy to create false CVs or certificates these days to submit to employers and companies can also hide their history of fraud and other wrongdoings. But nothing goes past the expert eye of a Toronto private investigator, so hiring one can really give you that peace of mind knowing that you’re letting the right people into your organization.

Private investigators can guarantee validated information.

Whether you’re going through a rough custody battle with your partner or dealing with a fraudulent insurance claim, it’s hard to prove your claim without concrete evidence.   A private investigator in Toronto can gather validated information that you could use as proof of your case. Private investigators are committed to providing results to clients, and they are well trained to dig up even the most discreet pieces of evidences out there.  

Private investigators can help you find missing people. It’s not uncommon for some people to be missing, especially children who can wander off any time. With such an emotional ordeal, it’s very important to work with experts who can carry out an organized search for a missing loved one. A Toronto private investigator can gather clues that will help you trace the whereabouts of the person that you’re looking for and return him or her safely to you. A private investigator can also help adopted kids reunite with their biological parents.  

The bottom line   Problems will arise in your life at some point, whether you’re running a business or simply running a household. But if you ever need someone to help you see things from a more factual perspective, you can rely on a licence private investigator to get the job done for you.

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