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PI-OWLS is a privately-owned investigation firm. We specialize in private investigations including surveillance, cheating spouse, child custody, background checks, missing person, insurance theft and so on.


We are highly effective because our closely-knit team comprises of top-notch investigators that are passionate about what they do.


You’re probably here because you have a challenge you want to fix. Our team of professionals can provide you with the insight and an action plan to achieve an efficacious result in no time.


PI-OWLS is led by a private investigation veteran, working cohesively with world-class investigation specialists.


As a company, we are interested in following a plan of action that will achieve the best result for you. And so, we listen to your problems, meticulously think through it and come up with an effective solution.


Our core beliefs are professionalism, dedication and integrity, and they reflect on the way we do business. You’d be glad you chose us to fix your challenges.

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Kelvin Sweep
Iven Hurtado

What makes us special is that we employ the best candidates and have a coherent team. Our team consist of highly intelligent and experienced private investigators. All of which have undergone rigorous training, possess ethical standards and has garnered a wealth of experiences from the law enforcement industry.


Our mix of ultra-modern investigative methods with traditional methods ensures that our investigative process is rigorous and effective.

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