Background Check Investigator


Background Check Investigator


Private Investigator For Background Check Services in Toronto. Before making some key decisions or partnerships, it is important that you are equipped with as much information as possible. Background check investigations are used to uncover specific and relevant information about a person, company or an organization. We follow a tailored approach to ensure that our delivery perfectly synchronizes with your needs.


Background Check Investigator


Types Of Background Check Investigation We Offer


Personal Background Check


Before bringing anyone to be part of your life or family in any way, it is best to know who they really are. This is to ensure that they won’t be causing you, your family, or company any troubles or as the case maybe. Hence, why you need to hire a Background Check Investigator.


Pre-marital Check


In our society today, one of the major causes of divorce is when one of the partners finds out something unpleasant about the spouse that was kept as a secret throughout the relationship . Before finding yourself in such a mess, it is advisable to get as much information about your partner before marriage. You need to verify if what they claim about their background history, education, personality, financial status, in-laws etc are accurate. A premarital investigation check will help you clear any doubt you may have in your current relationship.


Corporate Background Check


In today’s economic conditions, for a company to remain effective, all employees are expected to put be responsible, law abiding and hardworking. As an employer, conducting a background check investigation before hiring an employee can help you uncover whether or not an employee will perform well or cause you any trouble if they are employed. By maintaining the work spirit (having the right people) in your company, you will remain competitive in the marketplace.

This is why most companies hire the services of a Background Check Investigator


Employee Background Check


Employers trying to fill in a position usually face the challenge of picking the right person, especially when their past looks shady. At PI-OWLS, we can help you gather the relevant information, such as criminal records, convictions, previous addresses, general info, previous employment etc., you need about the past of a potential employee.


Nanny Background Check


Our private investigators will assist you to find the perfect fit for your family. We gather relevant information about a potential nanny that are critical to the safety of your child. The info that will be collected includes name address, Social Security Number, DOB, criminal records, traffic information, testimonials from friends, family members, previous employers etc. Another good reason to hire a Background Check Investigator.


Tenant Background Check


Getting a good tenant can be quite challenging. That’s why at PI-OWLS, we help you to do the rigorous checks on potential tenants before you take them on as a tenant in your property. The information we provide includes telephone numbers, previous address, landlord references, criminal record and so on.


Private Investigator For Background Check Services Toronto


When it comes to background check investigation, our expertise is second to none. Our highly skilled Private Investigators are experienced at gathering all the information you may require before dealing with anybody or company