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Are you suspecting your spouse might be having an affair with another woman or man? Our investigation experts are experienced in uncovering secret affairs. Our goal is to help you find the evidence you need to know about the status of your relationship.


Prevalent Signs of Cheating


There are several tell-tale signs to show if your spouse, partner or significant order is being unfaithful. Once these signs are observed in your partner, our private investigator can help you clarify your doubts. Some of these signs include:


Unwarranted Privacy


When your spouse is cheating, they become overly secretive of their activities; they take phone calls privately, they lock their phone always and so on. This is because they don’t want their spouse to find out about their extra marital affairs.


Late Arrival from work


At times, cheaters use overtime work as a cover for their unfaithful act. They might be using the overtime to spend time with “the other partner”. We can use any of our surveillance techniques to track the actual whereabouts of your partner.


Why hire cheating spouse private investigator?


Infidelity is prevalent in our society, yet cheating partners deny it when confronted by their significant other. Our duty is to provide you with hardcore, irrefutable evidence that you need to prove that your partner is cheating. We can conduct a background check on any individual and information such as the name, address, employer and mobile number will be supplied.




Cheating spouse


According to marriage statistics, over 50 per cent of married men commit adultery. Of this, 81 per cent will deny such an act when confronted. Even committed boyfriends tend to cheat on their long-term girlfriends. What we do is to provide you with hardcore evidence to prove the infidelity of your spouse. This way, he or she will not be able to deny the fact that they are cheating.


How often do cheaters admit that they are cheating?


  • 30 per cent of men and 34 per cent of women.
  • Most affairs last for, at least, 2 years.Common cheating recruiting grounds.
  • Work (30%), Former friends (29%), Business trips (9%), School (7%), Others (17%).


Why Hire PI-OWLS for your Infidelity Investigation?


PI-OWLS have a full division that is reserved for the investigation of infidelity cases. The unit comprises of experienced matrimonial investigators that are trained to get to the root of any cheating case.



Are you or any of your family member about to get married soon? We provide premarital investigations if you live in other to provide you with critical knowledge about a prospective spouse:


Premarital Investigations


Our trained private investigators can help you to gather facts about your prospective spouse in other to determine if they have been honest with you about their background history, or if there is something they have lied about and that could result to a divorce later on in your marriage.

Before you make the most important decision in your life. Feel secured!

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