Child Custody

Private Surveillance

When a marriage turns ugly and divorce becomes inevitable, the child becomes caught up in the mess, reduced to a bargaining item. The issue of child custody causes major disputes between couples because it involves both emotion and money.


A good parent understands that the physical and mental development of the children is of paramount importance, even if the marriage fails, and so, prepares adequately for a child custody investigation.



Why do you Need a Child Custody Investigation?



Making child custody decisions are both convoluted and contentious for the court. A resolution is usually made by considering what is of best interest to the child. This decision-making process is based on a series of factors. A child custody investigator will help you gather the facts that will put you in a favorable position in the eye of the court.


Are you worried that your child might not have a bright future due to a neglectful parent?

Here are some of the factors that our private investigators consider when trying to prove abuse, neglect, or to secure visitation rights for our clients:


  • Are the parent friends with someone that is of bad influence to the child?
  • The level of affection the parents show to the child
  • Domestic violence complaints
  • The general lifestyle of the parents: Health, stability, alcohol and drug engagement, etc
  • Financial buoyancy of the parents
  • Criminal records
  • The ability to provide a conducive environment for the child
  • Education progress of the child



Getting proofs


We at PIOWLS are exceptionally experienced private investigators. We will provide you with the required documentation – video and photograph proof together with official report – that is required to prove your case in court.


When it pertains to the safety of a child, we don’t play around. Regardless of whether you speculate that an explicit bad behavior is happening when your children are with their other parent or not, it’s essential to uncover the truth in this situation.


Our private investigator understand this, and we are here to help with a full scope of expert examination advice and consultation in other to guarantee your child’s safety and well being

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