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Many Canadian corporations lose millions of dollars on yearly on the basis of fraud. This can be caused by an unfaithful insider, a scam from a vendor or from external sources. Because losing money can have a devastating impact on a business, it should be strongly frowned at.


Therefore, if any fraud is suspected, the service of a licensed private investigator is urgently required to investigate it.



A private Investigator or a Certified Fraud Examiner?



A certified fraud examiner is an investigator that has special experience in dealing with corporate finance. So, a private investigator might want to take on a corporate fraud case. However, if the PI is not knowledgeable in accounting, taking on such type of case might not be an ideal situation. Hence, why most private investigator work with certified fraud examiners.


The PI does the surveillance job while the fraud examiner goes through the accounting books. The goal of a fraud investigation is to determine the source of a business money loss and the individual responsible for it.


Because corporate frauds are carried out by intelligent people that try to cover their footprints at all cost, it is sometimes very challenging to uncover and prove cases of corporate fraud.


However, uncovering insurance fraud is relatively easier. In most cases, they do not require long hours of investigation associated with figuring out corporate frauds.



Why Hire a Private Investigators?



Corporate fraud perpetrators are really smart and they make sure they cover their tracks assiduously. Therefore, an amateur private investigator will find himself at a dead-end if he tries to take on the case.

That’s why you need a certified professional for the job.


At PI-OWLS, our private investigators are equipped with the know-how to gather evidence for a fraud case because mishandling of good info can make it untenable in court. With our vast experiences, we can help you get to the root of even the most complex corporate fraud cases you imagine.

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