Cyber Forensics Investigator


Cyber Forensics Investigator


Computers are fully en-grained in the ways we run our lives today. It is not surprising then that some people harness the power of the internet for several crimes including internet fraud, hacking, copyright infringement, malicious code attacks, denial or service, identity theft, Cyber Bullying or Stalking , among others.


Cyber Forensics Investigator


What Is Cyber Investigation?


This is the process used by private investigators to track down cyber criminals with the use of cyber crime tools . Most investigation are carried out using computer forensics tools.

Nowadays, several people are victims of cyber-bullying or stalking. Also, some people with evil motives can easily spread false rumors about you on the internet (i.e. child molester). This act can damage your reputation and cause emotional disturbances.

These activities are frowned at by the government as they are intrusive of your personal life. Therefore, hiring a Cyber Forensics Investigator (PI) to help you clean up all the false libelous information about you online or assist you in gathering the evidence you need to take legal actions against cyber-criminals is the right thing to do.


Why Use PI-OWLS?


It is quite true that Canadian government have made provisions, responded and dedicated to cyber-crimes eradication. However, our Cyber Forensics Investigator have a wider range of experience with computers and function under lower bureaucracy.

The police handle so many cases simultaneously and so, yours is just another one of the many. But for us, we handle your case with priority. Our Cyber Forensics Investigator private investigators are dedicated to helping you carry rigorous investigation to get to the root of the matter. Our private investigators will provide you with the possible best cyber investigation service.