Data Recovery Forensics Investigator


Data Recovery Forensics Investigator


What Is Data Recovery?


Data recovery is the process of retrieving inaccessible, damaged, corrupt, lost or formatted data from a storage device that cannot be retrieved using normal means. The common storage media that data is recovered from includes; hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SDD), flash drives, CDs and other electronic devices. Data can become inaccessible when the storage device is either damaged physically or is corrupted.


Data Recovery Forensics Investigator


Categories Of Forensic Data Recovery


Data recovery is generally classified into two: Business Forensic Investigations & Family Forensic Investigations.

Business Forensic investigations involve the extraction of data from business hard drives. A common example is when an employee either steals or delete company data. Data recovery can be used to retrieve lost data. Also, business forensic investigations are also used in cases of fraud, IP theft and email recovery.

Family Forensic investigation is the process of retrieving digital information from electronic devices, like tablets, smartphones etc, of family members. Data recovery in a family setting is usually required for divorce cases, domestic cases and child protection.


How Forensic Data Recovery Investigation Is Carried Out


In carrying out a forensic data recovery investigation, the device in which data wants to be retrieved is secured properly. Then, a clone of the hard drive is created so as to maintain the integrity of the investigation. Thereafter, all hidden and deleted files are recovered from the hard drive.

Proper documentation of the data recovery process is made. Then a formal report of the findings is created.


Why Use PI-OWLS?


The Data Recovery Forensics Investigator at PI-OWLS are highly skilled and experienced. We use sophisticated cyber forensic tools and techniques to access even the most broken storage media to retrieve important data from it. Most importantly, we ensure that the integrity of our forensic investigation is preserved.