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Insurance Fraud Private Investigator Toronto. If you live in the city of Toronto, you must have heard about cases of Insurance Fraud such as “fake accidents claim victims”. Falsifying insurance claim is apparently an illegal activity. Anyone who tricks another person, company in order to unrightfully secure properties or services is a criminal — this crime can inflict both emotional and financial damage to the receiving party.


How insurance fraud affects everyone


When someone commits an insurance fraud in Canada, it affects the general public in form of higher taxes and significantly higher insurance costs. Thus, insurance fraud should be frowned upon by everyone.

At PI-OWLS, we uncover scam activities that include auto insurance fraud , an employee exaggerating bad health conditions, concealing other sources of income, and/or using multiple identities to receive the same claim multiple times.



Insurance Fraud Investigation



When executing an insurance fraud investigation, our job is to find out the current activities of the claimant, income level, condition, criminal record, employment(s) held since the relief of duty and recreational activities.


Our process also involves investigating former workers compensation claim filed by the claimant. If the need arises, we carry out surveillance to uncover the activities of the claimant.


After carrying out our investigation, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings. Our specially equipped Private Investigators at PI-OWLS are suited for detecting, scrutinizing and preventing insurance  fraud of any type.


If you are loking for the best insurance fraud Private Investigator Toronto has to offer, you arte just a paragraph away from meeting one.

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