Missing Persons Investigator


Missing Persons Investigator


Missing persons Private Investigator Toronto. Before a person is officially confirmed ‘Missing”. Typically  Investigations are carried out to find out the whereabouts of  the person in concern.

This can be as a result of an unexplained disappearance or simply finding an old acquaintance. Finding a missing person can be challenging and that is why you need to bring in an experienced missing person private investigator.


Missing Persons Investigator


Why Online Databases Are Not Advisable


Sometimes you can be tempted to use online databases to find a missing person because they are relatively cheaper. However, these data sources often contain false, outdated and irrelevant information. At PI-OWLS, our Missing Persons Investigator is trained to use proven techniques to ensure that accurate information is obtained in a timely fashion.

Not knowing about the whereabouts of a loved one can be a frustrating experience. Hiring a Private investigator to collaborate with in other to pinpoint their location is the best you could do to ensure they are found as soon as possible.


How About The Police?


When it comes to finding a missing person, time is of the essence. However, if you file in for a missing person in less than 24 hours, in most cases the police will ask you to wait for 24 hours or more before any missing person case can be filed or published in the missing person database

A lot can happen within that time frame! Even after the waiting period is over, the police do not actively engage in a search because of the predisposition that most missing persons case is just a voluntary exit of the individual from home. Therefore, if you want adequate effort to be put into the search for a missing person, a Missing Persons Investigator is your best bet.


 Use missing Person Private Investigator


When it comes to finding your loved ones (i.e. Child, Family Member, Spouse etc), you definitely want results or don’t you?.

At PI-OWLS, our professional Private Investigators are trained to use the best course of action to find your loved ones as quickly as possible.