Process Serving

Who is a Process Server?

A process server is a person that serves legal documents to a person or parties involved in a legal proceeding. A private investigator usually serves these documents. For documents to be tenable, they need to be delivered the right way. Private investigators know the federal and state laws that pertain to the handling of legal documents, and so, know when to serve a document in person or by mail.



What do they do?



A process server hands over court documents to the person or parties involved in a proceeding. It is the duty of the process server to find out where the party involved lives or work so that the papers can be delivered. Process servers are usually qualified as both private investigators and process servers.


Process servers are usually employed by lawyers to serve official court document to those it is addressed to. Potential employers also use the service of process servers to request for information about their previous employment from potential employees. In addition, process servers can be a cheaper way of serving divorce papers to your spouse.



Why Hire Process Servers from PI-OWLS?



At PI-OWLS, our process servers are thoroughly trained to offer highly professional service in a timely, ethical and cost-effective manner. We will serve any legal documents, and deliver to you an affidavit of service – in other to ascertain that the legal documents were served.

We will locate and served legal documents to any person or parties anywhere.

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