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Skip Tracing Private Investigator Toronto. What is “Skip Tracing” ? SKip Tracing is the act of finding someone that is actively trying to avoid being found. The missing person, in this case, is known as the person of interest, POI. The most common reason why people try to hide is that they are in debt and are trying to avoid the payment of their debt or they can be hiding to avoid being served a legal document.


Skip tracing scenarios


Other uses of skip tracing involve trying to find important witnesses for attorneys, finding a runaway contractor,  ex-spouses who are avoiding getting served legal documents, missing heirs to properties, people who have skipped bail, customers who have failed to pay for the service they’ve enjoyed, finding a biological father among others.



Private Investigator for skip tracing 



The role of a private investigator in a skip tracing case is to gather Intel about the person of interest in other to locate him or her. Information such as the home and workplace address, contact detail and even the real-time location of the POI would be determined. Private investigators have the right to transfer this Intel to a third party only on legal grounds.



Why use our PI?



Finding someone who doesn’t want to be found can be a challenging endeavor. However, at PI-OWLS, our trained professionals are equipped with the know-how and tools required to find or locate a person’s whereabouts. Our fully licensed private investigator are fully aware and comply with PIPEDA, Evidence Law Act and the Privacy Law Act.


With our team of dedicate experts, you are guaranteed to find whoever you’re looking for, regardless of where they’re hiding.



Skip Tracing Services we provide in Toronto


  • Finding a Witness Location
  • Missing Heirs
  • Locating a Birth Mother/ Father
  • Finding a Debtor
  • Finding a Spouse
  • Locating the whereabouts of loved one or family member
  • Company Search
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