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When trying to resolve a case, surveillance might be a necessity.


Surveillance is the close observation of a person or a group in order to keep track of their activities.


However, executing effective surveillance requires skill and experience, therefore, you need the service of a professional private surveillance investigator to help with that. In fact, many province laws prohibit unlicensed individuals from monitoring others and consider it as stalking or harassment.


That’s why you need licensed and experienced private investigators to carry out effective surveillance for you.


Types of surveillance techniques we use :


Electronic Surveillance


As the name implies, it is the use of electronic devices to monitor someone’s whereabouts or activities. Common examples include GPS tracking devices — set up to track people, whether to protect them from danger or just to uncover a truth. We also make use of drones, computer and mobile phone surveillance system.


Physical Surveillance


Here, a private investigator is put in place to physically monitor the whereabouts of a person at all times in other to acquire intel or information about the watched subject or target. Physical surveillance is required for cases of infidelity, fraud, criminal watching and so on. 


Why Hire Us for your Surveillance?


One of the key factors that determine the success of a surveillance operation is the ability of the agent to blend with the several activities going on in the vicinity. This is achieved by having the right body build, dressing and conversations.


For instance, a heavily muscled man would draw too much attention and might not be suited for a surveillance operation. At PI-OWLS, we have agents that would blend in any type of situation and not get “burnt”.


They are trained to be the perfect chameleon in other to fit into any environment or condition and collect the intel required to uncover a truth. We understand that all surveillance cases have their unique features. Therefore, we tailor our approach to ensure that you get the best out of your surveillance investigation.

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