Workplace Theft Private Investigator


Workplace Theft Private Investigator


Workplace Private Investigator In Toronto. In many businesses, there are several loopholes that some employees take advantage of to engage in dubious activities. An employee may have access to several aspects of the business, giving them the opportunity to falsify documents or steal money. Such activities can have a devastating effect on the business by affecting the business financially and dishearten the business owners.

Therefore, once any form of workplace theft is suspected, necessary actions should be taken to uncover the truth.


Workplace Theft Private Investigator


Workplace Theft Or Fraud


A study conducted in 2011 suggested that Canadian businesses experience one instance of workplace theft or fraud in the previous year, losing about $32 billion in dollars according to this source.

When an employee in a company illegally secures either materials or cash from their company. Minor theft includes acts like grabbing snacks or chocolates and taking them home. Major theft involves action like falsifying invoices so as to direct some of the cash to your personal account or stealing cash directly from the cash registers.


Workplace Private Investigators


It is highly recommended to do a background check prior to hiring an employee in your company. Because, workplace theft can ruin your business in other to avoid hiring a Workplace Theft Private Investigator later on.

At PI-OWLS, our Private Investigators are fully equipped to uncover the truth about a workplace theft and possibly deter  any future workplace thefts from happening. We can take on any Workplace Theft related task efficiently.

We do this by using state of the art tools. For example, we could install cameras at strategic places, blend in with employees in other to gather Intel.

Furthermore, we can proffer solutions, suggest effective procedures and guidelines that will help to detect all forms of workplace theft.

We can also, help with conducting criminal background check to ascertain that the right employees are employed in a company.